Jan. 6, 2021

#21 Interview with Sports Dietician, Ilana Katz, RD

#21 Interview with Sports Dietician, Ilana Katz, RD

Please join me as I interview my dear friend and dietician, Ilana Katz, MS, RD, CSSD.  Ilana shares her powerful knowledge and experience as it applies to to us all, whether we are athletes still competing or just trying to stay in shape and keep moving (which is me, now!).  Don't buy into gimmicky weight loss trends which don't work in the long run or have been proven to decrease your health. 

Ilana Katz is a Sports Certified Registered Dietitian, USA Triathlon Certified Level I triathlon Coach, and has accomplished multiple endurance events herself. Her portfolio enables her to understand the athletes she works with at all levels.  She is dedicated to train athletes in their individual training and nutrition goals such as optimal health, fitness and performance through balanced nutrition, proper sport fueling and hydration, and personalized training plans with ongoing support, within a maintainable healthy lifestyle.

To work with Ilana or subscribe to her monthly newsletter:
Website:  http://onforlife.com/
Email:  ilanakatz@onforlife.com
Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/eatright4sport/

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