Nov. 1, 2021

#31 Interview with Marathon Swimmer - Joe Hutto

#31 Interview with Marathon Swimmer - Joe Hutto

Joe Hutto is a marathon swimmer who started swimming in his 40's  when he noticed a group of "older folks" swimming while he was taking his daughter to swim practice.  Joe started with his local Masters Swim group  -Masters Swimming is for anyone over 18 who can swim at least the basics of freestyle and wants to swim with an organized group.

Joe started competing after he got into shape and then went on to marathon swimming.  In 1998 he swam The English Channel from England to France, 33Km, in 12 hours and 37 minutes.  More recently, Joe swam a 10  mile event along with several others totaling over 21 miles in 2019 and in October of 2020, Joe swam the 19.3Km Swim Around Charleston in 5:43:13 at the age of 68!

Joe is inspiring at any age and I was interested in learning how his swimming has helped him in various ways.  Being part of a community, having goals to attain, taking  care of ourselves and having a positive outlook on life are things that can help all of us age well.

Joe Hutto Long Distance Swims Database:

About USMS and finding a Local Club

***If you do not know how to swim find your local YMCA or local aquatics center for lessons.  Once you can complete several lengths of the pool you will be welcome at most masters swim clubs.