May 19, 2020

Episode #8 with Dr. Kathy Dooley: Movement Specialist, Chiropractor, Educator.

Episode #8 with Dr. Kathy Dooley:  Movement Specialist, Chiropractor, Educator.

Dr. Kathy Dooley shares her wisdom of how we can move better in our bodies and address pain in a way that will help us retrain how we move.  Her energy and passion is palpable as she shares from her own journey in a way that is inspiring and encouraging.  We learn from Dr. Dooley her personal philosophy of wellness and health and how she helps her clients stay healthy no matter their biological age. 
Dooley's Healthy Life Tips: "Eat less, breathe more, think less, move more, hurt less, laugh more, frown less, smile more, jog less, sprint more, sit less, walk more, stress less, love more."

Dr. Kathy Dooley is a world-renowned rehabilitative chiropractor and co-founder of Catalyst S.P.O.R.T. in Manhattan.  Dr. Dooley is also an adjunct anatomy professor at two New York City medical schools, Einstein College of Medicine and Weill Cornell Medical College. She is an adjunct professor at New York University College of Dentistry and Sophie Davis School of Biological Sciences and is a visiting professor at Saint George’s University Medical School in Grenada, West Indies. Dr. Dooley is also Lead Instructor on two different seminar series: NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT), and Immaculate Dissection, an anatomy and palpation seminar which she co-founded. Dr. Dooley is certified as an SFG kettlebell instructor and RKC kettlebell instructor.

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