June 20, 2020

Interview #10 with Sports Acupuncturist, Sara Asadoorian, LAc., Dipl-Ac., CSCS

Interview #10 with Sports Acupuncturist, Sara Asadoorian, LAc., Dipl-Ac., CSCS

Please join me for this interview with Sara Asadoorian, Sports Acupuncturist and Advanced Sports Medicine Therapist and learn how acupuncture might help you keep moving and get you out of pain.  You may also have dysfunctional movement patterns that keep you in pain or from moving properly.  Sports Acupuncture is becoming much more well known and accessible and is helping more people with problems that seemed otherwise unresolved.

Listen in to learn more about Sara and what she is passionate about:  helping others regain quality of life with the Balanced Method of Acupuncture as well as using her other talents of Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT), Corrective Exercise Therapy, and Sports Recovery.

You will also hear an interesting story of her working in a big box gym and selling supplements and what she learned from that experience personally about the supplement industry.

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