July 16, 2020

Interview #12 with Jason Fowler: Para-Athlete, IM World Champion, High Performance Mindset Coach

Interview #12 with Jason Fowler:  Para-Athlete, IM World Champion, High Performance Mindset Coach

Jason Fowler is not only a remarkable athlete, and person - he's a study in resilience.  At the age of seventeen he hit a rock while practicing on his motorcycle and was thrown from his bike.  His spine compressed and his spinal cord severed, leaving him paralyzed from the chest down.

Jason started competing in road races only 6 months after his accident, and went on to complete over 140 road races including 28 marathons in a 10 year span and then went on to compete in triathlons including Ironman Distance Events, in addition to road races.  Jason says he thinks he is a better person for having gone through the challenges of his accident.

Jason's drive for excellence doesn't just include competing in sports.  He completed a BS degree from Northeastern University and an MBA from Boston University.  Jason later pursued an Integrative Health Coaching Certification (IIN) and a Mental Performance Mastery Certification (Brian Cain High Perform)- both to improve his own performance as well as help others.  Jason is also an accomplished motivational speaker.

Please join me in learning more about Jason and his drive to become better in life, in sports, and in his mental game.  Jason is a dear friend and I'm so excited for you as listeners to learn more about this remarkable man and his personal journey.

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